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Why Living Streams Probiotic™?

Living Streams Probiotic™ is a pure and completely natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) and within all of the products with the Living Streams name have been specially cultured and developed to produce substances the body was meant to receive from flora located within the intestinal track.

This is not a supplement but an all natural probiotic in" liquid"
form for total body support.

Living Streams Probiotic™ is a unique friendly flora liquid solution that has resulted from years of research formulations. The secret is in the "solution" the friendly flora produce, NOT in the probiotic themselves or the quantity of probiotic and this is what sets Living Streams Probiotic™ apart from all other probiotic products.

The Living Streams line of liquid probiotics are unique in that they are used in their complete form. Nothing is added or taken away. They contain nutrients in a form that are easily useable by the human body. Because they are so effective, they are also compatible with absorption through the skin and mucus membranes.This probiotic can be taken orally through the mouth or can be applied to the skin including the eyes, ears, nose, lungs, etc. They are pure and have nothing in them that is not natural.

This particular probiotic is the most powerful product to support good health ever created.

All of our processed foods (for both humans and animals) have enzymes and nutrients that are missing in them which create problems and health issues in all of us and animals too. This lack of nutrients creates a growth of "bad" bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus and mold colonies which eventually hurt our health and longevity. This is affecting people that believe that are doing the "right things" to be healthy!

About Our Probiotics
There is a factor in why Living Streams Probiotics™ have the strength they do and it is precisely how they are formulated ...to be so different to do what they do. They have no comparison to any other probiotics with their strength, but you must drink lots of water to make that powerful affect maximize naturally. Probiotics have long been understood to benefit the body via their production creating natural substances. Living Streams Probiotic™ is a solution made from all natural probiotics. They are naturally occurring organisms in many foods and specifically formulated and processed to "turn on " a natural bio-production of healthy substances supporting the immune system...

Living Streams Probiotic™ is a safe and natural liquid solution. You can detect by smell the culture within it. It is NOT a drug and has no chemicals, wheat, gluten, dyes or sugars. It is simply pure and provides the natural substances friendly flora should be providing within the body to fight sub-clinical infections. The Living Streams Probiotics liquid solution is a much stronger concentration of these vital substances. Please don't listen to advertisements about "cell counts" in their products. The secret is within the Living Streams products these friendly probiotics produce for us.

DRINK YOUR WATER... and keep drinking! A Minimum of 3 QTS of water. This is key with these probiotics!

And because they are so powerful They can be extremely affective by application to the skin surface as well as taken by mouth. They are complete as nature intends with the same wonderful benefits you would have if they were prolific naturally within all fresh non processed foods. In liquid form they are strong and pure and ready to be utilized by your body. We recommend all of the products for everybody. If you are sensitive and consider yourself susceptible to strong detox reactions, go especially slowly when you begin. These probiotics are very potent..More is not always better. So don't rush. Know that everyone is different taking the time they need. While we can make no guarantee of specific results, we DO guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Living Streams Probiotic™ is continually being tested for other applications, and has been unofficially tested for effectiveness in animal health problems with exciting results.