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About Us

Welcome to Source For Benefits a private humanitarian organization interested in achieving body wellness for People and animals. As a distributor for Living Streams Probiotics we are following the Living Streams Probiotic Mission of care!

We distribute from the manufacturer a line of liquid probiotics that are unique in that they are used in their complete form. Nothing is added or taken away. They contain nutrients in a form that are easily useable by the human body. They are also compatible with absorption through the skin and mucus membranes which opens up many non-traditional pathways into the body. Pathways into the body may be clogged or closed in some people or even animals. Our probiotics can be taken orally through the mouth or can be applied to the skin including the eyes, ears, nose, lungs, etc.

Source For Benefits
Why Choose Living Streams Probiotic's™?

Many people who need probiotics cannot work and do not have the finances to pay for them. We sell our probiotics to those who can afford to pay for them and we welcome the need for sponsors for those who cannot purchase them, and to promote our organization to further our mission to rescue both people, and animals. Our probiotics are naturally suited to breaking down waste products whether in the human body, animals, water, or soil. In Third World countries they can be used to treat contaminated water, remediate raw sewage, grow crops more efficiently and help animals and people be stronger and healthier as a result of the naturally occurring nutrients in our probiotics.

Living Streams Probiotic, the manufacturer, is presently working to develop probiotic solutions to remediate contamination in water naturally, feed fish nutrients via their skin and gills, super-charge nutrient absorption in plants via hydroponics and through foliar feeding, and to breakdown animal waste products quickly into a useable form for feeding the soil. The manufacturer is also currently developing plans for a comprehensive agriculture model ranch/farm for training and research purposes. We are currently using these nutrients for our health challenged rescue animals. As they say, seeing is believing.

At Source For Benefits, we give our Father all the credit for what He is doing through Living Streams Probiotic Mission Products. We already know you will see the benefits from using these probiotics.