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Source For Benefits is a Living Streams Probiotic distributor, our directives are to establish a healthier advantage for both people and animals.

"It key now to be presently making overdue transformational positive benefits toward age old tried and true, powerful know how lost in a world readying for a much needed ascension ..what was old is new again in all terms understated here as we face life needing a simpler, yet powerful future that is ahead for us all." Marisa Anderson, Globally Recognized and written about Intuitive Consultant.

With recent global news and issues faced, we look toward a greater need for a fee based CONSULTATION toward health awareness and for product wellness resources for optimum health. We also offer for a Fee, A Start Up Consultation for YOUR OWN resource based DISTRIBUTORSHIP starting at $250.00, we help guide you toward practical aids and oversight of your environment, and key products-for yourself and others.

Offering Teaching By Phone - Begins for a $250.00 Upfront Fee, Paid via PayPal

A prime directive for accessibility to USA only products as food for ourselves and our pets is an immediate concern as processing, overall markets such as delivery and storage systems are impacted within Asia. We see an imperative need to arm ourselves with updated, adaptable products that have Greater Shelf Life, Storage, and Travel Capability, within vehicles by sea or land, or power outages...we must prepare for these greater concerns with mindfulness to access on the spot wellness.

Again, Reorganizing our Product Line with available fee based consultations, is a present day need to address current global concerns. We presently have products available, so please call us to order while we ask for your patience to work on new web pages.We are here to help.

Please call or email for further information on updated products for stress free storage needs, or for travel capability, we will advise powerful health aids scaled to meet current issues, along with one on one consultations

Living Streams Probiotics

Contact us directly if you need more specific information.
Please remember that more important than anything, you MUST DRINK WATER!!!!

These probiotics are different than any other available on the market. They can be safely used on the skin or be taken by mouth. You can safely use them in the eyes, ears, nose, lungs, anywhere. They are as nature intended loaded with enzymes, nutrients, and other beneficial ingredients your body needs.

This is a general overview of our line of probiotics. We recommend all of them for everybody. Do know you will detox so go especially slowly when you begin. More is not better when you begin. These probiotics are very potent. Thank you for your interest in building a stronger, healthier body.

Cardiopeptase ™

Available in 5mg size

A natural substance in a tablet that will dissolve plaque in arteries and the blood.

Living Streams Probiotic ™

Available in 8, 16 and 32 oz size

Original formula. Safe for everybody even children. Directions are found on the label. We recommend starting out conservatively with one drop and increasing slowly. This makes detox symptoms more manageable.

Flora PM ™

Available in 8, 16, and 32 oz. size

This product is a humic mineral probiotic. Reportedly this product is good for eliminating microscopic parasites from the body. Our customers really love this product. Can also be added to the bath and is great for the skin. Follow directions on the label.

LS Derma Gold ™

Available in 2,4, and 8 oz. sizes

This probiotic formula is paracasei flora specific. Best used in a dermal (skin) application. Very potent. Most commonly used under the direction of a health care practitioner. If you feel you need a stronger version of our probiotics, email us. This probiotic is considerably more expensive than our regular probiotic line and is formulated with the professional practitioner in mind.

Mag Oil

Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz.

These ancient minerals are the cleanest sea minerals we have found. 31% magnesium, 80 trace minerals and low of sodium. Trans-dermal magnesium therapy is well known to relieve pain in joints and muscles.